The Growth Company

We think big and move fast. We build stuff that breaks.
Together we will crash the car to understand how fast it goes.
Creativity backed by data. Marketing crafted with ingenuity.
We Accelerate Commerce.

*Ps. We’re always learning. Xo
We are currently only taking in 1-2 new clients/quarter.
Apply below and our e-commerce specialist Tove de Vahl will reach out to evaluate if we are a good fit:

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We Accelerate Commerce

It’s been a crazy rocket ship so far, and we rarely brag about it, but here are some facts that speak for themselves.

on Paid Social & Paid Search

You can't spend this much working with start and scale-ups without profitable growth

Sales & profits can increase if you pull the right levers.

Yes! Most of our partners have seen growth like this in the matter of months or up to a year. Are you surprised?

We put our money where our mouth is

Most will have some bragging rights but how many have actually invested and partnered up for real with their clients?

like our own businesses

Since most of our partners tagteam with us from low revenue numbers, every dollar matters and who knows it better than real serial entrepreneurs at Porobic Group?

We measure client partner satisfaction as our North Star Metric

Our partners are our livelihood. Can you guess how many invoices we ripped apart if it didn’t work as intended?

What is Growth Hacking and Ecommerce Hypergrowth?

Let's be honest here, e-commerce teams are getting a ridiculous amount of new tools, platforms and systems to handle and who can deal with a bunch of niche agencies that ONLY do one particular thing, even if they do that pretty good?


Growth Hacking

We are data-driven nerds who love commerce



Driving quality traffic is more science than art



More than half of PG is actually producing, editing and working with content



Driving traffic is one thing, but making it convert requires data-backed experimentation



It’s 5x easier to drive revenue by increasing retention, than buying new customers. We build community driven commerce that actually converts



We invest in e-commerce and retail businesses where we see huge potential. Our best fit is early stage startups that got around 200k-1m€ revenue in the past 12 months

The Porobic Group Team

A truly full-service growth, e-commerce D2C agency for businesses who are serious about accelerating growth together.

  • Google Partner
  • Meta Business Partner
  • Shopify Partner Agency
  • TikTok Marketing Partner
  • Klaviyo Partner
  • Yotpo Partner Awards 2022 – Best Digital Marketing Agency

We create thumb-stopping images and videos, content that makes people think about your brand and copy that hits deep. We’re real e-Commerce nerds who never settle for average.

Apply to the Porobic Group and Experience Hypergrowth!

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Blog & Podcast

Discover the latest topics and news about growth marketing.

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